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In 1997, The Beer Goggles broke up. Ugly Lenny went on to play bass with The Confederats; and later, tiltWheel. Tim Boyle went on to play with Uncalledfor. Lenny & Tim came together in 2000 to start Inciting Riots. Dan Skum (drums) completed the band in 2001. Pegadeth joined on second guitar in May 2002. Dan left in July 2003 and was replaced by Matt Bastard a week later. Girth filled in on bass during Tim's vacation from society...till the end of 2004 when the original 4 piece line-up got back together to kick in the new year! Peggy left in July 2005 and was replaced by Mikey Dietz a week later....and left a few months after. Then, after 2 years of instability, John Klecker joined the Riots and we recorded the "Crucified For Our Beliefs" album a few months later. In 2009, Lobo joined on second guitar to play one of our last shows before the band called it quits, later that year.
In late 2013, the "Crucified" lineup of Inciting Riots got back together for about a year (with the final line-up featuring Clinto on bass) before calling it quits again. Ugly Lenny, Skullet and Clinto recruited Sam O'Nilla on drums and played for several months as the Riot Inciters before switching back to Inciting Riots. The current line-up of Ugly, Clinto, Greg and Bailleul has been together since 2018. It's now 2022 and we just put out our first vinyl release; a six song 7" titled "Turn Off the News". OUT NOW!

Current Members

Ugly Lenny - guitar & vocals

Clinto - guitar

- drums

Greg Broyhill
- bass

Former Members

Matt Bastard, drums 2003-2004
Pegadeth, guitar 2002-2005
Girth, bass 2004
Mikey Dietz, guitar 2005
Tim Boyle, bass 2000-2005
Dan Burns, bass 2006
Todd Dammit, guitar 2006
Adrienne, bass 2006
Metal Jay, bass 2006-2007
Johnny Giles, guitar 2008-2009
Lobo, guitar 2009
Gaylene, guitar 2012-2013
Dan Skum, drums 2000-2014
Skullet, bass 2007-2018


2002 That Band Who So Vauntingly Swore
(New Sob Records #RU-491) CD EP
2002 My Irish Girl
(New Sob Records #RU-492-deleted) CD EP
2003 Oi Boi
(New Sob Records #RU-493) CDS-3 song single
2003 The First Three EPs
(New Sob Records #RU-494) full length CD
2004 Tim Goes to Prison
(New Sob Records #RU-496) full length CD
2005 Scene Not Heard
(New Sob Records #RU-497) full length compilation CD
2006 Save The Boobies
(Tatdude Records) full length compilation CD
2007 The Next Three EPs
(New Sob Records #RU-498) full length CD
2008 Crucified For Our Beliefs
(New Sob Records #RU-499) full length CD
2008 Not A Tribute To Van Halen
(Punk Rock Review) full length compilation CD
2008 T.R. Kids of Suburbia
(New Sob Records #RU-500) CDS-4 song single
2008 Punk Rock Pot Luck Volume #1
(Punk Rock Review) free download only compilation
2009 Grey Test Tits
(New Sob Records #RU-501) full length CD
2015 Scene Not Heard Vol. 2
(New Sob Records #RU-505) full length compilation CD
2017/18 Return to Slimey Valley Vol.2
(Cathay De Grande) full length compilation CD
2019 Judge & Jury
(New Sob Records #RU-506) full length CD
2022 Turn Off the News
(New Sob Records #RU-507-LTD) Hand-numbered Limited edition CD EP
2022 Turn Off the News
(New Sob Records #RU-507) 7" EP



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